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What Makes Brazos Recovery Services Different?

Are you looking for freedom from addiction? Is someone you love struggling with alcohol or drugs? The staff at Brazos Recovery Services want to welcome you with arms wide open – we are here to help you and your loved ones on a new road to recovery.

We are unique in our position to promote recovery as all members of staff at Brazos Recovery Services have firsthand experience with addiction. We are recovered addicts and alcoholics who have seen the damage, pain and loss this disease can cause, and it is our sole aim to help anyone suffering find the same freedom we have. We have discovered, and now live, transformed lives with purpose, passion and freedom in recovery and the good news is you can too.

What We Offer

Brazos Recovery Services provides a full continuum of care at our male-only drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. We offer supervised medical detoxes, long-term residential care, an intensive outpatient program and sober living options for graduates of our treatment program.

Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction takes time. Our admissions specialists will discuss with you how long you can expect to stay with us based on your or your loved one’s needs.

Our approach to recovery is a combination of evidence-based therapy and the spiritualized 12 Steps. Even if you do not consider yourself to be spiritual, you are welcome here – we offer groups to suit everyone.

Benefits of a Male-only Facility

Gender-specific drug rehab has become a best practice model when treating both men and women who struggle with addiction. From our own experience and that of residents both past and present, long-term recovery is more viable when the distraction of the opposite sex is eliminated from the equation.

As addicts, we are vulnerable and naturally gravitate towards human relationships on our journey to recovery. It’s completely normal, but it can hinder real recovery as many issues may be buried in the excitement of a new relationship, and can distract the client from his recovery. We adhere to the gender-specific model of rehabilitation at Brazos Recovery Services to ensure our clients’ journey is not a tumultuous one. We want all our residents to discover a new life of sobriety as individuals first before they embark on any new romantic relationships. Therefore, when you or your loved one joins Brazos Recovery Services, he will not be treated alongside female clients.

Our commitment to each of our clients is that we have their absolute best intentions at heart from the word go. Your recovery and ultimate well-being is our utmost concern.

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Where Are We Based?


Brazos Recovery Services is located just 90 miles south of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Our center is within a quarter-mile of the stunning Lake Whitney, which is surrounded by rural communities and Army Corp of Engineers’ parks and lands.  

Although our campus was intentionally built in the country for the benefit of our residents’ mental and physical well-being, we are just a short drive to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, where the majority of our clients are picked up and brought to our facility for treatment. 

We also pick up clients from Dallas Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX. 

Family Treatment

The well-being of our clients’ loved ones is important to us too – we have seen firsthand the worry, and disruption addiction can cause to the families left behind. We, therefore, encourage family involvement through weekly contact with an assigned clinician, as well as offering all clients’ family members an invitation to our Intensive Family Day. Family Day is held every six weeks for the families and loved ones of clients undergoing treatment with us. During this Intensive Family Day, you will discover what treatment looks like at Brazos Recovery Services, get an introduction to the 12 Steps and much more. We aim for Family Day to be educational and experiential, offering our clients the chance to spend time with their loved ones, learn valuable recovery language and healthy communication together, and gather tips and requirements for life after treatment. 

We believe the family unit must stay healthy and robust, even when challenges and obstacles are thrown our way, such as addiction. It is our aim to provide families of clients at Brazos Recovery Services with the very best tools that we have used ourselves, designed to uphold the strength and unity in families that help everyone affected by addiction. 

From our experience and the track record of men who have recovered and discovered a new life of sobriety, we genuinely believe that we provide the very best male-only residential drug rehabilitation program in Texas. If you are looking for a safe, cost-effective and solution-focused rehabilitation experience – one that yields effective and long-lasting results – please get in touch today. Our team will be more than happy to discuss the options with you or your loved one. 

Recovery is possible for all who seek it. 

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