Our Rehab Facility - Brazos Recovery

Our Rehab Facility in Morgan, Texas

Brazos Recovery rehab facility is situated in the beautiful countryside in Morgan, Texas. We intentionally built the center in a remote area to benefit those who come to us for treatment. We believe having the opportunity to be at one with nature and discover God’s creation is just one small step in the healing process of addiction. It is our hope that the center is a refuge for those struggling with addiction and we can create a safe, relaxing and comfortable space for all who walk through our doors.

Our rehab facility caters to men who are undergoing treatment, both residential and as part of our Intensive Outpatient Program.

As well as offering comfortable living and sleeping areas, ample time and space for reflection, meditation, and time with God, we place heavy emphasis on the importance of downtime throughout recovery. Clients who come to us for treatment can enjoy a number of activities during their stay, including hiking and fishing.

Brazos Rehab Facility

Our Rehab facility has:

  • spacious living areas
  • comfortable bedrooms
  • a swimming pool
  • extensive lawns and outdoor seating areas
  • a volleyball court
  • a gym complete (cardio and weights)
  • on-site transitional living

For clients who have completed their treatment from active addiction to active recovery, on-site transitional living might be the next step for them on their journey. We offer this option for clients who are not quite ready to leave the center upon completion of their initial treatment.

This can be for a number of reasons, such as their home environment does not promote recovery, or for some other reason, it is unsafe for them to return home. It could also simply be on the advice of our medical professionals that on-site transitional living is the best option for the individual concerned.

On-site transitional living offers our residents the chance to begin living the 12 Steps in a more independent way, while still having access to support and further treatment, should they need it. Many clients at this stage can become sponsors or mentors for newcomers at the center, which further progresses their recovery through continued accountability and a sense of belonging.

Ebby’s Place

Ebby’s Place is our licensed recovery home – a safe place for recovered addicts to begin life after treatment. One step beyond on-site transitional living, Ebby’s Place is a safe house for men to begin the transition back to their daily lives. It is also known as a halfway house or sober living house.

Ebby’s Place offers many of our clients the opportunity to begin living out the 12 Steps in a more independent environment, while still having the support of their peers. While there is a live-in manager at Ebby’s Place, men are free to come and go as they please and independence is encouraged.

The requirements to stay at Ebby’s Place are the same as those for Brazos; that each resident is respectful of one another and remains clean and sober. The length of stay varies depending on individual needs, which can be discussed with your sponsor during your stay.

We aim to make everyone’s stay at Brazos Recovery as comfortable as possible, offering a wide range of treatment options and amenities. For more information about our facilities, please get in touch today.

Brazos Recovery Rehab Facility is located just 90 miles South of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Although our campus was intentionally built in the country, we are just a short drive to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport where the majority of our clients are picked up and brought to our facility. We also pick up clients from Dallas Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX.