Brazos Intensive Outpatient Program, LLC is a gender specific program licensed by the State of Texas to provide in-depth treatment for clients experiencing chronic problems with alcohol and drugs. Addiction is a serious, progressive illness that when left untreated can lead to continuous mental, physical and emotional pain. We see our patients as human beings with an illness, not a moral deficiency, and provide support in a loving and caring environment. Much of the “therapy” takes place between formal treatment schedules and sessions.

Each client will have an individual treatment plan based on a face-to-face interview, along with information gathered upon intake. Treatment plans will identify and address specific needs pertinent for the client to obtain personal freedom and a new way of living. Programming includes group therapy, psycho-educational groups, life skills groups, and relapse prevention groups in addition to individual and family counseling. Brazos Intensive Outpatient Program, LLC is designed to seamlessly blend the spiritually based 12-Step program and the evidenced-based clinical program to help men find their way out of the vicious cycle of addiction

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Individualized Plan of Care

Every client admitted to Brazos Intensive Outpatient program will work with the clinical team to co-develop their treatment plan. It is imperative that each client take an active interest in their recovery and assist the team in identifying potential road blocks to permanent sobriety. With this individualized treatment plan, each and every client will be able to get personalized attention and ensure that all aspects of their recovery will be addressed during the course of treatment.

Individual Counseling

As part of the Brazos program, clients are provided one on one counseling sessions as needed to assist in furthering their progress in treatment and making sure that all issues, even those that are sensitive to talk about in group settings, are addressed.