As co-founder of Brazos Intensive Outpatient Program LLC, Brazos Recovery Center LLC and Ebby’s Place LLC, Ben Patterson brings the vision of hope to all three organizations.

Ben’s vision to offer quality recovery and accountability to the on-going journey of newly recovering addicts and alcoholics has become the basis for hope for the many recovered addicts that have come through his organizations. Through Ben’s own 23 years in and around the treatment industry, his recovery has brought about an experience that he now passes on to others, not only those tied with Brazos Recovery Center and Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program but in all aspects of drug and alcohol treatment and recovery. His passion is in chasing addicts and drunks and showing them that there is a new way to live. Ben is very passionate about the recovery process that has saved his life and countless others. Ben believes in residents transforming their lives through living by and following the 12 steps and developing a personal relationship with God.