How to Create Therapeutic Routines to Battle Addiction

How to Create Therapeutic Routines to Battle Addiction

Creating new healthy routines that are therapeutic when battling addiction is similar to aftercare. Aftercare is simply the ongoing care we receive when we get out of rehab. Therapeutic routines can help us take control of the choices we are going to make to battle addiction. There will be many steps to take when battling addiction, but we can overcome it.

Some healthy routine we could gain is staying active in physical activity. We can join groups of participants who are also looking towards the same goals. We can volunteer to help others who are less fortunate. Sometimes helping others can give us a sense of gratefulness. This lets us know that there are others who feel like we do. There are others who are battling addiction. We are not alone.

Motivating Factors to Help You Create Therapeutic Routines

Coming up with new routines and activities when battling addiction is possible with some motivation. Building new routines helps us set new patterns in our life. It is important that we are patient and not hard on ourselves. Routines take time to get used to, so change does not happen overnight.

Routines must be a part of our daily lives. As we adjust to our new daily routines, it can build our motivation to keep going. The love for ourselves can begin to build up our self-esteem and confidence. Replacing our old habits with new ones can help us overcome the temptations and old habits that try and come against us.

When we follow through with our new routines, we can see things begin to change in our life. People might respond to us differently as they see a new person who is overcoming addiction. All the changes we make can positively impact how we view our new life. The changes are the motivating factors that can help us continue to move forward in living our best life, one routine and one step at a time.

What Types of Therapy Can Help Battle Addiction?

Participating in therapy individually or in a group setting can help reduce the risk of relapse. When we battle addiction, we will face emotional and mental changes. These feelings can easily set us back if we allow them to. Therapy can help keep us on the right path when battling addiction.

Along with all the new routines we have implemented in our lives, including routine therapy can only add to our positive changes. There are many goals that can be covered in therapy. Talking about our progress in therapy can encourage us to keep going in the right direction.

Routine Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is also known to have positive impacts on people who battle addiction. CBT focuses on behavioral and cognitive skills. It can provide the tools necessary to successfully cope with day-to-day situations without substances. This form of therapy has been known to be most effective because it uses different methods of supported treatment.

The behavioral and cognitive pieces that CBT focuses on are how we think, our beliefs, and our attitudes. All of these characteristics make up who we are. CBT teaches us how to be better and more aware in our lives by working on adjusting our cognitive and behavioral skills. It can also become routine by participating weekly.

Conquer Addiction With Routines

When we are battling addiction, we must put ourselves first. We must do things that make us feel good and keep us busy. We can make time to exercise. Take a walk and explore some of nature’s beauty that we didn’t notice before. Addiction has the ability to put a blindfold on so tight that we don’t see all of the potential we have or what goodness surrounds us.

When we begin to put ourselves first, we can start to feel change not only in ourselves but in those around us. They want to be around us because they can see the change in us too. We are more productive in our lives and our jobs. Parts of our life begin to make sense and come together. When we overcome obstacles addiction causes, it can shed light on the joy we were missing.

Reclaiming our lives as we battle addiction is possible, but we cannot give up hope or hard work. Yes, there may be days that are more challenging than others. There will also be days that make staying in recovery feel easy. It’s about finding balance and committing to routine.

One day when our battle is won, we have the victory that we can share with others. We are not alone on this journey. There are so many others out there who feel helpless. They can also feel like they can’t change their lives or begin new routines or patterns. We can be the people who let them know we did, and so can they.


If you or a loved one are struggling with recovery, you are not alone. It is not always an easy journey, and it might feel intimidating to seek additional help. However, there is help available to you with Brazos Recovery Center. We provide resources during and after treatment to help strengthen your recovery and instill new coping skills to use when you feel vulnerable to relapse. Brazos Recovery Center specializes in individualized plans, meaning effective treatment. Our staff has life experience in what you are going through, and they understand and want to help. Call our facility today at (254) 232-1550. Begin your new routines for your new beginnings today.  

Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.