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Why Choose Brazos?

Brazos Recovery provides a full continuum of care at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. We offer supervised medical detoxes, long-term residential care, an intensive outpatient program, and sober living options for graduates of our treatment program. Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction takes time. Our admissions specialists will discuss with you how long you can expect to stay with us based on you or your loved one’s needs. Our approach to recovery is a combination of medical detox, evidence-based therapy, and the 12 Steps. 

Established with the straightforward vision of providing exceptional treatment, accountability, and recovery to every client who enters our facility, Brazos has become a symbol of hope for countless individuals. Overcoming the challenges brought on by their illness, our alumni have since embarked on a successful path to recovery, thanks to the compassionate care and support offered at Brazos Recovery.

Cigna insurance plans vary based on your specific coverage and are broken down as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans. Brazos Recovery can help you determine what your specific plan will cover.   You can expect to see these forms of addiction treatment covered under most plans:

Detox, Inpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Prescription Medications, Behavioral Health Therapy


Cigna Substance Abuse Criteria

As with all insurance providers, Cigna has specific substance abuse criteria to qualify you for coverage. Cigna’s Substance Abuse Criteria provide healthcare providers and insurers with a comprehensive set of guidelines for assessing a patient’s risk for developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The criteria are based on current evidence-based practices and are designed to help clinicians identify potential substance abuse issues early on, allowing them to intervene and provide appropriate treatment before the problem progresses further. Cigna’s Substance Abuse Criteria will help clinicians and insurers better understand the risks associated with substance abuse and make informed decisions when it comes to providing care.

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Our initial survey will ask the following questions to understand if you meet criteria:

How long have you been using?

How often have you used?

When was the last time you used?

Have you sought treatment previously?

Will Cigna cover multiple rehab stays?

Yes. Cigna will cover as many rehab stays deemed medically necessary. An admissions counselor at Brazos Recovery can conduct an assessment and discern what level of care and length of stay you will need with no commitment required.

Types of Addictions Cigna Covers

While each plan will have unique coverage options, most Cigna insurance plans cover addiction treatment for common addictions. This can include alcohol addiction, opioid abuse, cocaine addiction, methamphetamine addiction, marijuana addiction, benzodiazepine addiction, and sedative addiction.

Cigna Behavioral Health Coverage

With mental health issues often co-occurring in those with substance use disorder, it is also common for Cigna insurance to cover behavioral health treatment alongside substance abuse treatment.

What length of treatment does Cigna cover?

Cigna insurance typically covers between 1-6 weeks of inpatient rehab and roughly 4-12 weeks of intensive outpatient rehab. Ultimately, exact coverage will depend on how successful current treatments are and what is deemed medically necessary.

While rehab is deemed essential, your plan will dictate how much is covered and how much you will have to pay out-of-pocket. Most likely you will have a deductible requirement before insurance kicks in. Our admissions counselor can help you determine your financial responsibility for treatment. At Brazos Recovery, we offer flexible payment plans and a variety of payment methods. We do not believe that financial hardship should stand in the way of you or a loved one getting help.

Cigna Insurance

Cigna is a (Global Health Services) company providing insurance coverage to some 180 million people around the world. While their coverage varies widely based on the plan, most of their policies provide substance abuse coverage. If you’re covered by Cigna and need help battling substance abuse, contact our admissions team today. Our dedicated staff at Brazos Recovery have years of experience working with case managers from Cigna Behavioral Health to develop treatment plans that deliver care to the members of their health plan.

Take Control of Your Life at Brazos Recovery

At Brazos Recovery, we’re here to help you break the cycle of substance abuse and reclaim your life. Our experienced team of professionals will provide you with the highest quality care and support to make sure you succeed.

Cigna Coverage

Our facility is approved by Cigna, so if you’re covered by Cigna, you can take advantage of their substance abuse coverage. We accept all Cigna plans, so you can get the help you need without having to worry about paying for it at full cost, out-of-pocket.

Suffering from a substance abuse disorder can be an incredibly difficult journey, but you don’t have to go it alone. At our facility, we are proud to accept Cigna insurance plans, so if you’re covered by Cigna, you can take advantage of their substance abuse coverage. Our facility is approved by Cigna and provides comprehensive care for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. In other words, you can get the help you need without having to worry about the cost.

Here At Brazos

At Brazos Recovery, we strive to create a safe and secure environment where our patients can feel comfortable and free from any external pressure or stressors. With our supportive staff members and 24/7 monitoring system, we ensure that your recovery journey is successful and worry-free.

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