Cigna Drug Rehab At Brazos Recovery

Drug Rehab with Cigna Insurance Coverage

Brazos Recovery Cigna Drug Rehab offers a supportive path to overcoming addiction, now partnering with Cigna Insurance. Our range of inpatient rehab programs, designed with a focus on sustained sobriety, are tailored to ensure your safety, provide personalized care, and support lasting recovery at every step of the journey.

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Brazos Recovery: Cigna-Approved Addiction Treatment

Our mission at Brazos Recovery is to provide the essential care and resources needed to conquer addiction. The recovery process requires time, dedication, and compassionate support, which our experienced team offers to guide you through.

We open our doors to everyone, dedicated to assisting in your recovery, irrespective of your past.

Cigna provides coverage for treatment.

Our Inpatient Treatment Approach:

  • Personalized Assessment: Your recovery journey begins with a private assessment at Brazos Recovery Cigna Drug Rehab. Our team works with you to develop a customized treatment plan that aligns with your specific needs and objectives.
  • Supervised Detoxification: Undergo detox in a safe, caring environment. Our program is tailored to manage various withdrawal symptoms while ensuring your comfort and safety.
  • Therapeutic Care: Essential to our treatment process, therapy commences during detox and is sustained throughout your recovery. This includes dual diagnosis treatment for concurrent mental health issues, integrating individual and group therapy, family engagement, and educational sessions.

Specialized Treatment Programs:

  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment: This inpatient program merges behavioral therapies, wellness education, and medication management, focusing on comprehensive recovery and lasting sobriety.
  • Drug Addiction Treatment: Customized to meet individual needs, this program offers continuous care combining diverse therapeutic methods and activities conducive to recovery.

Counseling – Individual and Group Sessions

Counseling is a vital component of the recovery process, helping you to uncover the roots of your addiction and establish coping mechanisms. Therapists are matched with clients based on experience and expertise, concentrating on individual recovery paths.

Alongside one-to-one therapy, group therapy sessions are offered, fostering a supportive environment for shared learning and experiences.

Well-Being at Brazos Recovery Cigna Drug Rehab

Our holistic approach goes beyond therapy and responsibility. We encourage engaging in well-being activities like camping, hiking, and community outings, essential to our treatment services and offering healthy leisure alternatives.

Meditation and Spiritual Groups

Our inclusive meditation and spiritual groups support in managing addiction-related stress, promoting emotional stability and clarity, essential for your recovery.

Personalized Care with Cigna Coverage

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each recovery journey, we provide personalized care, beginning with an assessment to determine the most effective treatment path, adaptable to evolving needs.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Options

Recognizing the variety of recovery routes, we offer diverse treatment options, including intensive outpatient treatment, inpatient residential care, and day treatment or partial hospitalization.

Begin Your Recovery Journey Today

Brazos Recovery, now accessible with Cigna Insurance coverage, offers a compassionate, tailored approach to treatment. We are devoted to the efficacy of our holistic recovery programs. Our team is prepared to support with interventions and consultations, aiding you or your loved ones in starting the recovery process.

FAQ about Drug and Alcohol Treatment with Cigna Insurance

  • What treatment options are available with Cigna Insurance? We offer a spectrum of programs, including inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, PHPs, IOPs, and aftercare groups, each adapted to different addiction levels and life circumstances.
  • How do I know if treatment is necessary? Consider seeking help if substance use is impacting your health, relationships, or daily life. Key indicators include ongoing use, withdrawal symptoms, and continued use despite negative effects.
  • Are there specialized programs for different addictions? Yes, we offer specific programs for a variety of addictions, like alcohol, opioids, and prescription drugs, addressing the unique challenges of each.
  • What does treatment typically involve at? Treatment begins with an assessment, followed by detox if needed, and a mix of therapies, educational programs, and potentially medication.
  • How long does treatment usually last? The length of treatment varies, with inpatient programs lasting from one to several months, and outpatient programs lasting weeks to months, depending on individual progress.

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