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Detox Near Waco

Detox is your body’s attempt to get “back to normal;” to a state before addiction or dependence. However, detoxing is extremely taxing on the body and is one of the most difficult steps in recovery. At our rehab center, we offer detox near Waco to help you go through detox the right way.

Challenges and personal struggles will present themselves when you enter detox in Waco, but when you know what to expect, you can mentally and physically prepare for the process.


What to Expect at Detox in Waco

A life free of alcohol or substance abuse is a long road. Every recovering addict must go through the detox process to begin their journey. Your body has become so accustomed to your addiction that you’ll be fighting a battle on two fronts:

  1. Psychological
  2. Physical

Detox will begin when you pick up the phone or step into our detox center and ask for help. Our experts know how hard it is to ask for help, but we’ve been in your shoes and know better than anyone that you can’t live like this forever.

We’ll start the process by:

  • Asking you a series of questions that allow us to prepare the right detox treatment for you. We’ll ask:
    • What substances you may be abusing
    • How long you’ve been addicted
    • Prescriptions you may be taking
  • Our team will then develop the treatment plan that offers you the best chance of success
  • Experts will continue to monitor you through detox to help you move through the process confidently
  • Prescribe medications to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms as they arrive

We would love to give you a concrete idea of how long detox will take, but it truly depends on the length of your dependence. Many of our clients will be through the detox phase in 3 – 10 days, but if you have a significant dependency that has lasted years, you may be in detox for several weeks longer.

Our team will be there the entire time, encouraging you to continue your fight and doing everything in our power to keep you comfortable.

Once detox is complete, we can then move on to the treatment process, which is where the healing begins.

Alcohol Detox Near Waco

You or your loved one may be going through either alcohol or drug detox near Waco. While the body may react similarly in some cases, we’ve mastered the detox process with our own, unique approach that follows the 12 steps to reach success.

A few things to know before detox are:

  • Supervision. Our experts will supervise your withdrawal symptoms and address them properly. The detox will cause adverse neurological and psychological effects. Through our supervised detox, we reduce the risk of relapse by addressing your symptoms and ensuring that your health and life are not at risk.
  • Withdrawal symptom management. The initial detox is often scary for the individual and the hardest part of getting sober. We’ll provide around-the-clock support and care. If symptoms are too difficult to manage, we have over 150 types of medication that can be prescribed for alcohol detoxing. 

During the detox, we’ll work to create a treatment plan for success. The plan will account for your own individual needs. First, we’ll assess your symptoms and prescribe the right medication to ease withdrawal.

In more intense cases, withdrawal is harder on the body and may cause a person to go into bouts of anxiety and even suffer from high blood pressure. In both of these cases, we’ll have a plan of action in place to calm these symptoms.

We may even resort to sedatives in the most severe cases.

If you’re a polydrug user, such as consuming alcohol and drugs, we need to know this upfront. Recovery starts with honesty, and it’s crucial for our team to have the complete picture of your alcohol abuse.

Knowing if you take drugs with your alcohol will change the treatment plan that we make so that you can confidently find relief.

Note on Prescriptions

Even if you do not abuse your prescription medications, it’s vital that you let our team know which medications that you take. Your doctor can provide you with a list of medications if you’re not 100% certain of the names.

Since the FDA has approved over 150 medications for withdrawal, knowing the medication you’re taking allows us to do a few things:

  • Better develop a treatment plan
  • Avoid medications conflicting with each other

We also offer drug detox in our detox center near Waco.

Drug Detox Near Waco

Our approach to drug detox is very similar to our approach to alcohol. First, we’ll need to know what drug(s) you’re taking so that we can adjust our treatment plan to help you get through your symptoms of withdrawal and on to the next step in your journey.

A few key points to remember are:

  • We medically supervise each of our clients to ensure both health and safety.
  • Comfort is hard to find once withdrawal symptoms kick in, but we’ll provide the best medical option available to make you as comfortable as possible.

Every drug has its own list of withdrawal symptoms and severity that you must consider. You may deal with minor stomach cramps, but others may experience:

  • Aches and pains
  • Abdominal problems
  • Agitation 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting

You may also experience fatigue, confusion, paranoia or seizures. The list of withdrawal symptoms can be intense, and our experts have been in your shoes. We know how difficult detox can be, and we’ll take every step that we can to stop your symptoms from leading to relapse.

We’ll get through detox together so that you can reclaim your life.

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Are you tired of addiction and want to reclaim your life? We’re here to help. Our specialists have the skills and experience to help you through detox in Waco. Once you’ve successfully gone through detox, we can then help you progress through sobriety, one step at a time.

If you’re looking for detox near Waco, give us a call today to start on your road to recovery.