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Cannabis Detox

We should not underestimate cannabis. Prolonged use of any substance can have an adverse effect on our lives and cannabis is no exception. Excessive use of cannabis increases tolerance, dependence and eventually manifests as an addiction. For those who find themselves in this addictive cycle, there is a way out – detox.

At Brazos Recovery, we offer professional medical care and guidance of the highest order. Our detox programs are compassionate and caring across all types of substance addiction. Everyone’s cannabis addiction is unique. We understand the needs of every individual, and design tailored detox plans for every circumstance. Cannabis detox is the only realistic way of combating your addiction. It is an addiction that can sometimes be overshadowed by other substances and we know exactly how serious it can be.

How Does a Cannabis Detox Work?

To optimize your detox procedure, our team of experts assess your relationship with cannabis, how long you have been using it for and how much you use. From this assessment we can design a bespoke detox plan suitable for your needs. The initial stage of a cannabis detox can pose a number of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Our professional guidance and advice can help you manage these symptoms and limit their effects where possible.

Throughout the detox, medication may be prescribed to help clients deal with specific symptoms, and your comfort is central to every aspect of the detox procedure. Our 24-hour support team are always accessible and available throughout the process, so you will never feel alone.

How Long Does a Cannabis Detox Last?

A typical cannabis detox can last any time between 7 and 14 days. Of course, the detox time frame is dependent on the client and how they respond, but generally, withdrawal symptoms should be gone after two weeks. Managing and controlling withdrawal symptoms is usually the difference between a successful or unsuccessful detox. When detoxing alone, or in isolation, these symptoms are often too difficult to manage. Detoxing at a recovery unit is far safer and more effective. At Brazos, we have extended experience in identifying, addressing and controlling a range of withdrawal symptoms while people detox from cannabis.

Taking Drugs?

Being addicted to more than one substance is very common. This is known as polydrug use, which is prevalent in all recovery units across the United States – and is nothing to be ashamed of. We understand the cycle of addiction and how multiple substances are used as some form of relief. We ask that all of our clients are open and transparent with us about any additional drug use, to ensure they get the most out of their detox plan. While being assessed by our team, you will have the opportunity to disclose this information in confidence. We can then create a detox plan that fits your circumstances, and takes into account any additional drugs.

Taking Prescription Medication?

As with polydrug use, we also need to be made aware of any prescribed medication you may be currently taking. Again, there will be an opportunity to discuss this with one of our team members at your assessment. Withdrawal symptoms often require medication to mitigate the full effects. To ensure your safety we need to be sure that our prescribed medication does not conflict with any medication you happen to be taking before the detox starts. If you are uncertain about any prescribed medication, please ask your doctor or physician for a list that we can check.

Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms

Cannabis withdrawal symptoms are difficult to manage when detoxing in isolation. The physical and psychological symptoms can be incredibly unpleasant and can make completing detox seem an impossible task. At Brazos Recovery, we understand every possible symptom, and have the expertise and medication to help manage all withdrawal effects.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms of Cannabis

Early physical withdrawal symptoms include headaches, that eventually ease after approximately two weeks. One of the body’s ways of removing toxins is through sweating, so clients can expect to experience night sweats. These are uncomfortable, but completely normal. Other symptoms may include nausea, stomach cramps and some issues with the digestive system.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms of Cannabis

As with any substance, prolonged use affects the brain’s chemistry. The psychological withdrawal symptoms attached to cannabis can be severe, but they are completely manageable. Symptoms include: anxiety, paranoia and anger.

Cannabis regulates emotions. When it is removed from the body, these psychological symptoms take shape. People’s emotions are disturbed, meaning clients will likely experience overwhelming depression and uncontrollable periods of rage and anger. Cannabis withdrawal also affects sleeping patterns and, in some cases, clients will experience insomnia. We understand these symptoms and through a supervised and safe detox procedure, the effects of these symptoms are minimalized.

How Long Will Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

Each case is different, and each person’s addiction is unique. The length of time people may experience withdrawal symptoms is therefore dependent on how they respond to the detox process. Unlike other drugs that are water-soluble – flushed out the system – THC is stored in fat cells. This means that it can remain in a persons’ body for a prolonged period of time and measuring this time is difficult.

Typically, cannabis withdrawal symptoms last approximately 2 weeks. A milder version of these symptoms may be experienced for a couple of months, but this is only in certain cases. To mitigate these symptoms, we recommend all our clients continue their recovery at our therapeutic facilities.

Long-Term Recovery

As useful and important as detox procedures are, they are not the long-term solution. They are the first steps towards full recovery, but if not followed by additional treatment they can be a waste of time and money. Substance abuse is a deeply-rooted issue and detoxing alone does not do enough to fully remove it. In our experience, the most successful recoveries are from clients who fully commit to the entire recovery process.

We advise all of our detox clients to stay with us and complete the full treatment program, to ensure they address every aspect of their addiction. Our facilities and therapy sessions are designed to help you get to grips with your addiction, and gradually transition to a life free of substance abuse.

What Happens After a Cannabis Detox?

As previously mentioned, detox is just the start and further treatment is just as important. We offer various extended treatment programs that are tailored to suit each individual client’s needs. Treatment can be residential, or outpatient and can include one-to-one counseling, group meetings and family visits. All of our residents follow a daily 12 Step Completion Program and are encouraged to share their experiences with their peers, to help fully address and understand their addiction.

At Brazos Recovery, we believe that the treatment stage should be enjoyable. In our Extended Care Program, we incorporate a number of fun activities like camping, fishing, hiking and other off-campus excursions. We host a small community that allows us to use gender specific programs, and this means that each person receives the correct level of attention, and distractions are removed. We try and make all of our clients experiences as enjoyable and comfortable as we can, and strongly advise everyone to stay with us.

Cannabis Detox FAQ

Can you detox from cannabis at home?

As with all substance addictions, cannabis is a deeply embedded issue. A successful cannabis detox at home is manageable, but unlikely. Without fully removing yourself from the setting that hosts your addiction, it is a serious challenge and one that will likely end in relapse.

Is a cannabis detox dangerous?

Detoxing from cannabis is uncomfortable and draining both mentally and physically, but these symptoms are not fatal. They are however, extremely difficult to manage alone. The psychological effects, although not deadly, can be serious and cause anxiety, paranoia and in some cases psychosis – which are all dangerous in their own right.

Will I be prescribed detox medication?

Cannabis does not normally require medication. At Brazos Recovery, we do however, recognize the stress and impact withdrawal can have on clients. We therefore prescribe medication to help treat symptoms when our team of professionals deem it necessary.

Is a residential cannabis detox necessary?

Yes. Cannabis addiction needs to be treated with as much care and attention as other substances. If you choose to detox alone, isolated and in the same environment where your substance abuse takes place, then quitting is extremely difficult. A residential detox with us, helps you focus on the task at hand, removing distractions and managing withdrawal symptoms. Cannabis detoxing should not be treated lightly. It is a serious challenge and requires professional guidance.