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Crack Cocaine/Cocaine Detox

Cocaine can have tragic consequences for both users and their families. It is a drug that is incredibly addictive and destructive for all involved. Crack Cocaine Detox is tough, but at Brazos Recovery, we have extensive experience in guiding people through this. Our detox program provides consistent 24-hour support and care to ensure you or your loved one maximize every opportunity to recover from their addiction.

We are experts in managing withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine use and understand the unique circumstances of each client. Drug addiction is personal and specific to each individual, and we develop tailored detox programs, created and designed with our client at the center.


How Does a Cocaine Detox Work?

Detoxing is your first step towards a life of sobriety. Our professional medical team will make an initial assessment and create a treatment plan tailored for you, based on their findings. A cocaine detox can be challenging and comes with several physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Our crack cocaine detox programs are designed to minimize how these symptoms affect our clients while guiding them to a more straightforward and stable stage of recovery.

This is your detox, your road to recovery, and we are here for you every step of the way.

How Long Does a Cocaine Detox Last?

When carried out effectively and correctly, a crack cocaine detox can last between 7 and 10 days. Of course, the length of each detox program is determined by how well clients respond to treatment. The early stages of a crack cocaine detox can be the most difficult. With our guidance, these stages are made much more comfortable and manageable.

Taking Other Drugs?

Many of our clients arrive with more than one drug addiction, as the demands of one drug can often open the door for another. Known as polydrug use, it is common in all recovery units across the United States. It is completely normal, so clients should not be afraid of disclosing this information. We ask our clients to be open and honest with their drug use to get the most out of their crack cocaine detox program. This honesty allows us to develop a bespoke plan that takes multiple drug use into account.

Taking Prescription Medication?

We also ask you to be honest and inform us of any additional medication you may be taking before beginning your detox with us. This is imperative, as some prescribed drugs are potentially harmful if taken alongside the medication we provide. While it is not common, your safety is the most important thing to us, and we prefer to rule out all forms of risk. If you are unsure of any of your prescribed medications, please ask your doctor or physician to provide a list which we can then check.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

With cocaine addiction, withdrawal symptoms can appear as soon as the high begins to fade – more commonly known as the comedown. The comedown period depends on the intensity of use and individual metabolism. Cocaine remains in the system for 2 to 3 days, but the effects on the body can be far more damaging past this.

Cocaine addicts often remain trapped in the cycle of substance abuse because they fear the withdrawal symptoms so much. The withdrawal phase is challenging, and if carried out in isolation, with no medical guidance, it will often end in relapse.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms from Cocaine

Adapting to a life without cocaine is a shock to the body. In the early stage’s clients struggle to complete the smallest of tasks as they feel severely fatigued. The initial onslaught is exhausting, and the reason why many people in this stage of detox see no other way but to relapse.

Cocaine use gradually wears away at the human immune system and it causes irregular sleeping patterns, restlessness and poor, unbalanced diets. All of these symptoms come in different intensities at different times in the detox process. At Brazos Recovery, our professional team and approved medical care help clients manage and mitigate symptoms as much as possible.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms from Cocaine

The psychological withdrawal symptoms from cocaine can seem overwhelming. During the detox process, many clients will succumb to extreme paranoia, hallucinations, anxiety and a constant craving for the next ‘hit.’ Cocaine directly affects the brain’s ability to operate, and is why detoxing alone can be so challenging. When withdrawing from cocaine, clients will often feel they cannot live without it and is what forces so many to relapse.

Other psychological symptoms of cocaine withdrawal can include:

  • depression
  • unpleasant dreams and nightmares
  • slow thinking
  • difficulty concentrating

It is important to understand that these feelings are normal. Psychological withdrawal symptoms also affect sleeping patterns. Subsequently, mood swings occur, and strange dreams are common. Our team of experts have first-hand experience in guiding people through this part of the detox process. It can be worrying, but it is achievable.

How Long Will Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

How long withdrawal symptoms will last is a difficult question to answer. The length of time is determined by two factors:

  • the intensity at which cocaine was used
  • the length of the addiction to cocaine

Once a member of our team has assessed your situation, we will then discuss how long your withdrawal symptoms are likely to last. We do know that once detox begins, clients will most probably experience tiredness for around 2 to 3 weeks. If symptoms remain prevalent beyond 21 days, these would be considered post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). If you experience PAWS, then you will likely have to deal with an intense craving for cocaine for some time. These long-term implications are why we strongly recommend all of our clients continue their treatment with us. Cocaine is extremely addictive, and after detox, many will have to resist the intense craving. Staying with us means you don’t have to fight it alone.

Long-Term Recovery

As with most substance addictions, long-term recovery is not possible through detox alone. The longer our clients stay in treatment, the more likely they are to make a full recovery and smooth transition back to everyday life. Substance abuse is an underlying issue. While detox is a vital step towards addressing this problem, it does not do enough to remove it thoroughly. From our experience, we believe the best way to become fully independent of drug use is through therapeutic treatment, post-detox. If clients fail to address this issue in full, they will most likely relapse, especially with such intense cravings produced by cocaine.

What Happens After a Cocaine Detox?

Like all of our detox programs, we recommend clients stay with us for their treatment stage. Detox is just the start of the road to recovery, and if you fail to follow it with effective treatment, the risk of relapse is high. Our treatment focuses on gradually reintegrating our clients with all aspects of normal life. Our facilities and the surrounding settings are perfect for on-site transitional living, where clients follow an Extended Care Program.

Clients take part in a variety of therapeutic sessions, including one-to-one therapy, group counseling and family visits as they progress. We follow a daily program of 12 Steps, reviewed in the evening alongside peers. We want our residents to enjoy this period as much as possible. Off-site excursions like camping, fishing and hiking are introduced as clients continue to receive treatment. We are also gender-specific, which allows clients to focus on their personal development and avoid potential distraction. During and after detox, everything is designed with the client in mind. We are fully committed to guiding our clients towards a life of freedom.

Cocaine Detox FAQ

Can you detox from cocaine at home?

There is a slight chance of success when people try to detox at home. It is achievable, but when taking into account the extremely addictive nature of cocaine, the intense cravings it evokes and the vulnerability of the person in question, success is doubtful.

Is a cocaine detox dangerous?

Detoxing from cocaine cannot have fatal consequences, but relapsing can. Withdrawal symptoms can be extreme, and relapsing is far more common as a result. To control these symptoms, we highly encourage people to detox in safe and supervised recovery units.

Will I be prescribed detox medication?

Cocaine is different from other drugs and does not usually require specific medication. We only prescribe medication in response to certain symptoms. Our professional medical team understand these symptoms and the medication best suited for each particular case.

Is a residential cocaine detox necessary?

Yes, completely necessary. As mentioned previously, the symptoms for cocaine withdrawal can be extreme and the cravings equally intense. Residential cocaine detox is the best way of managing these issues. With professional supervision and expert medical care, detoxing is far more effective.