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Heroin Detox

Heroin use has increased in the United States as a result of the increased use of prescription opioids. As with all addictions, taking that first step and starting the heroin detox process is worrying but necessary. The detoxification stage is perhaps the most critical phase of your recovery journey. That’s why at Brazos Recovery, we provide professional guidance in a medical environment, designed to help clients feel comfortable in such challenging circumstances.

We understand the physical and mental trauma that can occur as a result of detox for heroin addiction. Our knowledge and experience mean we are well-equipped to help you manage yours. Every person is different, and so is every addiction. That’s why we create tailored detox solutions for all our clients. We are there to support you every step of the way.

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Any Time, Any Day

Admission into our rehab program can be scheduled at any time of day, any day of the week. There is no wrong time to call – we are here for you right now. If you are struggling, have reached a point of desperation, or feel you have nowhere left to turn, reach out to this rehab program. We are waiting to listen and help you in the best way we can. Or you can Verify your insurance by clicking the button below, and one of our team members will reach out to you within 10 minutes.

Managing Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Usually referred to as ‘dope sickness’, the time it takes a client to withdraw from heroin addiction can vary, according to the extent of that individual’s drug use. Effective management of withdrawal symptoms for heroin use can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful detox. At Brazos Recovery, we have a proven track record of dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Our 24/7 support offers personal care and professional medical supervision, so clients never have to face such unpleasant symptoms alone.

Many clients struggle to commit to the detox phase and don’t seek help because of fear of withdrawal symptoms. Subsequently, far too many people remain trapped in a cycle of addiction. We do everything we can to reduce the fear-factor and limit the stress and physical impact of withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification is nearly impossible when going it alone. At Brazos Recovery, we make it more than possible.

Heroin Detox Medication

The heroin detox withdrawal process can be aggressive and exhausting. It is a significant transition to have a drug like heroin removed from your life. Withdrawal can be difficult, so, to minimize the effects of this transition period, it is often normal for clients to take a heroin substitute. These may include Methadone or Buprenorphine – both recognized as viable opioid alternatives for those dealing with addiction.

With our support, these types of medication allow you to think more rationally and make decisions with a much clearer state of mind. Even in the early stages, clients are given a much more positive outlook on their road to recovery – a glimpse of life after addiction.

Taking Other Drugs?

The use of multiple drugs is known as polydrug use. This is common among many of our clients when they first seek our help. It should not be the deciding factor in whether you decide to start your detox process. Multiple addictions do not prevent effective withdrawal or make the process any longer, but by sharing your other addictions, these early stages will be made a lot easier.

We value honesty and trust our clients will be transparent with us about their situation. The more information we have, the more effective our heroin detox solution will be.

Taking Prescription Medication?

It is just as important that you inform us of any prescribed medication you may be taking before we begin your detox. Certain medications can have a detrimental impact on the medication we prescribe during detox, so we need to be given this information. If there is any uncertainty regarding your pre-existing medication, then we recommend asking your doctor or physician to provide you with a list we can check.

Common Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms associated with heroin withdrawal are well-known to be extremely challenging. They can be draining on both your body and mind and the fear attached to these symptoms is often enough to prevent people from taking any serious action. Solitary withdrawal for heroin addiction can be unrealistic, as it is an addiction that requires all the medical support and guidance possible. Symptoms are severe, and attempts to treat these on your own can lead to relapses within hours.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

Physical implications of heroin withdrawal symptoms are visible from an early stage. A runny nose is a sign of the body telling you it needs another ‘hit’. Clients may experience stomach cramps that get progressively worse if not treated and minor cravings soon intensify. Early aches and pains across the body quickly become unbearable and can last for weeks. Also, any form of sleep in this period is a luxury.

Such physically exhausting and distressing symptoms are the reason why so many people relapse. With our help, all of these withdrawal symptoms are made much more bearable. With the correct medication, compassionate care and professional guidance, the physical effects of symptoms are controlled and to an extent eased.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

The physical withdrawal symptoms are more conspicuous when it comes to heroin addiction detoxification, but the psychological impact is just as hard to address and overcome.

As with most addictions, there is an emotional attachment to the drug, and when it is removed, there is a significant gap left in its place. Dealing with this absence can have an adverse effect on how your brain functions and on your emotional well-being. Clients are likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and often anger as a result. The instant fix for these mental pressures is, of course, relapsing.

During your detox process, the urge to relapse is controlled and managed by our team of professionals. Psychological barriers or symptoms prevent so many people from getting clean. We deal with these issues head-on.

How Long Does a Heroin Detox Last?

Each client, each assessment and each response to detox is unique. For this reason, we provide tailored solutions for all of our clients, based on the above factors. All of these determine how long the detox process will last, but typical expectations are 7-10 days.

The extent of current use will dictate which heroin substitute is issued and the amounts prescribed. When stable, a tapering-off stage will be introduced, making the detox process a much smoother and bearable transition. As with all of our detox plans, this early stage is part of a broader recovery period and is designed to optimize recovery, which takes as long as is necessary.

Long-Term Recovery

Detox is the biggest step on your road to recovery, though, on its own, it’s not enough. Like all addictions, heroin addiction has deep-rooted underlying causes that need to be addressed.

Detox is the initial move towards sobriety, but if it is not followed by stringent treatment and therapy, then all the commitment and hard work can be wasted. We offer multiple therapy sessions and further treatment to help you deal with the next stage after heroin withdrawal.

What Happens After a Heroin Detox?

After a successful heroin detox, we hope that all clients have a much clearer idea of where they are in their recovery journey. Treatment is the next stage of the rehabilitation process and a chance for you to address the causes and effects of your addiction. Our treatment programs are all focused on therapeutic methods and on-site transitional living. All of our facilities are designed for your comfort and activities have an emphasis on fun and enjoyment. Some of these activities include off-campus excursions like camping, fishing and hiking.

We offer Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Day Treatment or a Partial Hospitalization Program, to help clients move towards a life of sobriety. Activities include One-to-One Therapy, Group Therapy, Family and Couples Therapy, a 12 Step Completion Program and an impetus on sharing experiences with fellow peers.

Brazos Recovery offers ongoing care, even when the treatment phase has finished. We understand the differing levels of dependence and are always there to support our current clientele and alumni.

Heroin Detox FAQ

Is a heroin detox dangerous?

Heroin withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and dangerous. Without the appropriate supervision and support, it is practically impossible to detox from heroin.

What is the safest way to detox from heroin?

It is safest in supervised and secure circumstances. Understanding your addiction and how to overcome it is only really possible through the proper support and professional care. At Brazos Recovery, we provide practical and long-term solutions for those struggling with all addictions – especially one as dangerous as heroin.

The simple answer is no. Heroin is unforgiving, and both psychological and physical symptoms are what drive addicts into decades of substance abuse. While symptoms are unavoidable, we have the experience and medical expertise to limit the effects. Heroin detox on your own is near impossible, but with Brazos Recovery it is more than achievable.