MDMA / Ecstasy Detox

MDMA or Ecstasy is often seen as a ‘party drug’ – harmless with few implications. When this type of substance first came on the scene in the 1990s, there was little-to-no understanding of the long-term effects it could have. At Brazos Recovery Services, we now treat many cases of MDMA addiction, and the long-term issues are apparent. As with any substance abuse, detoxing is the best way to begin your road to recovery. Doing this alone can be a real challenge, especially for a drug like MDMA. Withdrawal symptoms can have severe psychological and physical effects, and many people are unable to control these. We understand how every detox is different and poses different challenges. We provide tailored detox plans that address every possible problem, hurdle or symptom. The first step to a life free of substance abuse starts here.

How Does an MDMA Detox Work?

After an initial assessment of your relationship with MDMA, we create a detox plan to suit your specific requirements. Our team of professionals will design a personalized program that ensures your safety and comfort at all stages of withdrawal. Once you have been assessed, we will then admit you to our detox facility. Our team are dedicated to guiding you through the initial steps of your rehabilitation journey, and with our 24-hour support and care, you never have to go through the ordeal of detoxing alone. We are always there for you.

How Long Does an MDMA Detox Last?

An MDMA detox can last from anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks. How quickly you complete your detox program is, of course, dependent on how you manage the withdrawal symptoms. Both psychological and physical symptoms are usually most profound for around 3 to 4 days, but our support team ensures that every stage is managed effectively. Your comfort and safety are our priority, and we do everything possible to ensure your care.

Taking Other Drugs?

Multiple drug use is very common across America. This is known as polydrug use, and it is not something you need to hide from us. To get the most out of your detox plan, we ask all our clients to be open and share any other drug use with our medical team. This allows us to create the best possible plan for you and affirms your safety and comfort at every stage.

Taking Other Prescription Drugs?

As with other substances, detoxing from MDMA usually requires medication. Before we prescribe any medication to assist your detox, we must be made aware of any additional medication you may currently be taking. You can easily acquire a list from your doctor or physician if you are unsure. Certain medications can have an adverse effect when taken alongside other types of prescriptive medication. To safeguard against this, we ask all clients to disclose this information to us.

MDMA Withdrawal Symptoms

A detox from MDMA poses a number of psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. When detox is attempted in isolation, these symptoms often go untreated, and relapse is common. Every detox requires professional supervision and medical assistance to combat all of the potential symptoms. We have vast experience in helping people break the cycle of addiction, and managing your withdrawal symptoms is the first step towards doing that.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

It is important not to overlook the physical withdrawal symptoms for MDMA. Symptoms do vary, but common issues are loss of appetite, fatigue and digestion issues. Our medical assistance mitigates the effect of these withdrawal symptoms, making detox a far more bearable process.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

The psychological withdrawal symptoms for an MDMA detox need to be managed effectively as an MDMA detox changes the brain’s chemical balance.

The mental implications are wide-ranging, and symptoms can include insomnia, agitation, memory problems, intense cravings and paranoia. These are symptoms that can be extremely challenging if experienced in isolation. Worrying psychological effects are managed and mitigated where possible, and with our professional care and guidance, you’re never alone on your detox journey.

How Long Will Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

The time frame for withdrawal symptoms is dependent on how much MDMA you have taken and for how long you have been addicted. Typically, MDMA will have left your system after 72 hours. It can, however, take an entire week for the drug to dissipate, depending on the person.

It is difficult to provide an exact time frame for withdrawal symptoms, but after your assessment, our medical team can provide you with an informed estimation. From our experience, most withdrawal symptoms from MDMA last around two weeks – though certain symptoms like depression may last longer. After so much chemical alteration, the brain takes time to recover from MDMA use. We understand this and are there with you from start to finish.

Long-Term Recovery

MDMA detox is just the beginning of your rehabilitation journey. By itself, it is not enough to ensure long-term recovery.

Like most substance addictions, MDMA abuse covers underlying issues, and detox alone doesn’t do enough to treat these issues entirely. We have found the most successful recoveries are the ones that follow rehabilitation with therapeutic treatment. We encourage all of our clients who have completed detox to stay with us at our residential treatment facility, to maximize on the detox process and make it truly worthwhile.

What Happens After an MDMA Detox?

Once you have completed your detox program, you are on your way to a life of sobriety. We offer various treatment programs and all of these are centered around therapeutic treatment and an Extended Care Program, designed to gradually reintroduce our clients to everyday life.

Everyone follows a daily 12 Step Completion Program, and there is an emphasis on sharing experiences with your peer group. By sharing experiences and exploring different stories, we feel our clients learn more about their addiction and how to manage it going forward. Therapy sessions may involve one-to-one, group sessions, or family therapy.

We believe that the treatment phase should be built around fun and making the experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We incorporate several off-campus excursions like hiking, camping and fishing while reintroducing privileges like gym access. Your recovery is not a scientific experiment. We treat all our clients as human beings and strive every day to make their recovery as smooth and as manageable as we can.


Can you detox from MDMA at home?

An MDMA detox at home is possible, but the results are rarely successful. The withdrawal symptoms for MDMA can be a psychological and at times, physical, challenge. For many, this is too much, and relapses often occur. Detoxing alone is a continuous cycle of brief hope and constant disappointment. To give yourself the best chance of recovery, we strongly advise detoxing in a safe and professional environment.

Is an MDMA detox dangerous?

Although not fatal, untreated and unsupervised detoxing can be extremely challenging, especially from a psychological standpoint.

Will I be prescribed detox medication?

There is no specific detox medication for MDMA. Our professional support team are aware of all possible withdrawal symptoms and are certified to treat symptoms as they materialize.

Is a residential MDMA detox necessary?

Like all cases of substance abuse, a residential detox is necessary. It is the best chance you have to break the cycle of drug addiction and take the first steps on your road to recovery.