Brazos Heroin Detoxification Program

Although heroin withdrawal is rarely fatal we do not take the detox process lightly at Brazos Recovery Services. Heroin withdrawal typically begins within six to twenty-four hours after last use, but depending on each addict’s tolerance level it can begin sooner.

Heroin or opiate dependence is caused by the constant supply of the drug, which begins a shift in the brain’s circuitry. Once the opiates are removed, neurons that were once blocked by the opiates begin to produce neurotransmitters once again. This process creates imbalances between the brain and nervous system that causes common withdrawal symptoms such as: nausea, muscle spasms, cramps, anxiety, fever, and diarrhea. Men withdrawing from heroin will experience these flu-like symptoms and their drug tolerance level will determine how long the symptoms last.

Restlessness, lack of sleep, aggression, mood swings, rapid heartbeat, paranoia, vomiting, high blood pressure, and excessive sweating also make the heroin withdrawal process difficult to complete. By admitting yourself or your loved in a medically supervised detox at Brazos Recovery Services you will protect yourself or your family member from possible relapse. By completing heroin detox at Brazos Recovery Services, you or your loved one will have secured an individually tailored treatment plan to commence the journey towards long-term recovery.

Our intention is to provide a safe, comfortable, medical setting that allows you or your family member to fully withdraw from heroin addiction. Under the supervision of our qualified medical team of CARN professionals (Certified Addiction Registered Nurses), board certified physicians, and master level clinicians you or your loved one will be provided the highest level of safety and support during their heroin detox.

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