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Brazos Synthetics Detoxification Program

This type of drug is relatively new to the illegal substance market. Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) or ‘legal highs’ as they are more commonly known are currently more popular than ever. Two of the most well-known types of synthetic drug are spice, and bath salts. The reason for their growing popularity is largely because they are cheaper synthetic versions of more expensive drugs. NPS’s were designed to imitate the effects of more recognizable drugs like ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis. Their synthetic nature means they are continually evolving, and there are a number of subclass types. This makes monitoring and managing this type of drug particularly challenging.

At Brazos Recovery, we too are evolving with how we manage these specific drug types. We can provide the necessary treatment to deal with synthetic drug addiction and the correct medication to assist with any withdrawal symptoms. One thing we do know is that it’s difficult to detox from synthetic drugs alone. The withdrawal symptoms are both mentally and physically exhausting, but with the support of our professional medical team and with compassionate care, is it possible.

How Does a Synthetic Drug Detox Work?

Like all of our detox programs, the first step is an assessment to help our experts understand your particular relationship with synthetic drugs; what you take, how much and how often.

Certain stimulants found in bath salts, like mephedrone, can provoke severe withdrawal symptoms – so it is imperative we understand every aspect of your addiction. After gathering this information, we can design a tailored detox plan for your specific situation.

As with any detox, the early stages are particularly challenging as the body begins to adjust to the drug’s absence. It is a shock to the system, and symptoms can be intense. Our team provide 24-hour care and support throughout the entire detox process. Whatever stage, whatever symptom, whatever challenge, we are with you every step of the way.

How Long Does a Synthetic Drug Detox Last?

It is difficult to provide the exact answer, as every detox process is different. Factors like how long you have been using the drug, and how much you have used will determine how long you take to complete the detox stage. A typical detox usually lasts between 7 and 14 days, but some may take longer. It is really dependent on your personal relationship with synthetic drugs.

Taking Other Drugs?

A lot of our clients will often be dependent on more than one drug – known as polydrug use and it’s common all over the United States, so please tell us. It does not affect the detox process, but it does allow us to build a plan more tailored to your specific needs when we are aware of any other substances you are taking. The more information we have, the more effective your detox.

Taking Prescription Medication?

As with polydrug use, we ask everyone to be transparent with us about any prescription medications they are currently taking. You will have an opportunity to disclose this information to one of our team during your assessment. If you are unsure, please ask your doctor or physician to provide you with a list. We can then check to see if any of the medication we intend to use will conflict with anything you are currently taking. This is essential as certain medications when taken in unison, can have an adverse effect on a client’s health.

Synthetic Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Detoxing from synthetic drugs can lead to a number of withdrawal symptoms, both psychological and physical. Understanding and managing these symptoms is difficult when detoxing alone and failure to do so often ends in relapse. Our support and care can make all the difference, as we help tackle these symptoms and break the cycle of substance abuse.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

As many synthetic drugs now have subclasses, identifying physical withdrawal symptoms can be difficult. One batch of a particular drug may be completely different from another batch that falls under the same brand name. The most common symptoms, however, are flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, nausea and hot and cold flashes.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug use causes a chemical imbalance in the brain. With synthetic drug use, the effects and psychological withdrawal symptoms can be very unpleasant. The most common symptoms are:

  • extreme paranoia and hallucinations
  • feeling irritable and anxious
  • depression

We are experts in identifying these symptoms and treating them effectively.

What is the Withdrawal Timeline for Synthetic Drugs and How Long Will Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

Withdrawal symptoms from synthetic drugs often change based on the type of substance. It is hard to measure precisely, but we have noticed a general pattern for those detoxing. Severe physical symptoms have been known to peak around day 3. After this, the intensity of these symptoms begins to fade gradually. Psychological symptoms last longer, with depression and anxiety lasting from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Long-Term Recovery

Clients who see detox as the complete solution are often the ones who return having relapsed after a few weeks. Detoxing alone for any form of substance abuse is rarely enough to address and resolve the entire problem. Like other substances, synthetic drug addictions are deeply embedded issues that take considerable time to understand and eradicate from your life. Our experience with clients has shown that those who commit to a prolonged period of recovery are the ones who experience the most effective long-term results.

What Happens After a Synthetic Drug Detox?

We strongly recommend that once you have completed your detox program, you remain with us for further treatment. All of the hard work and money invested in detoxing can go to waste if not followed by an Extended Care Program.

This stage is where we gradually prepare our clients for reintroduction to normal life. All of our treatment programs are based around therapeutic methods and may involve one-to-one therapy, group sessions or at some point family therapy. Our clients are enlisted in a daily 12 Step Completion Program, and review sessions are held every evening.

We believe that our clients should openly discuss and share their experiences with addiction. This not only helps their peer group understand their own addictions but also helps the client get to the root of their battle with addiction.

As with our detox plans, all of our treatment programs are tailored for your specific situation. We offer Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Day Treatment or a Partial Hospitalization Program. All treatment plans take place in comfortable settings, designed to encourage on-site transitional living.

We are firm believers in the treatment stage, being the point where we reintroduce fun and enjoyment to our clients lives. We offer several off-campus excursions like fishing, hiking and camping and gradually introduce privileges like gym access and family visits.

Detox is the first vital step our clients take towards full recovery. Treatment and therapy give the best chance of any realistic long-term recovery, and we are here for you, every step of the way.

Synthetic Drug Detox FAQ

Can you detox from synthetic drugs at home?

Withdrawal symptoms from synthetic drugs can be extremely unpleasant when attempted alone. There is a slim chance of success when choosing to detox from home, but withdrawal symptoms often force many people to relapse. A much better alternative would be a safe, comfortable and supervised detox in a specialized unit.

Is a synthetic drug detox dangerous?

While synthetic drug detox is not life-threatening, there is a risk of relapse if attempted alone. During a supervised detox, relapsing is far less likely as clients are supported at every stage. We provide professional and compassionate care to ensure you are safe at all times during your detox.

Will I be prescribed detox medication?

There is currently no specific detox medication for synthetic drugs due to their evolving nature and various subdivisions, which makes standard detox medication difficult to develop. That said, our team of professionals does have the capacity to administer medication throughout the process to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Is a residential synthetic drug detox necessary?

There is an unknown element to synthetic drugs, and detoxing alone can potentially lead to multiple cases of relapse, as withdrawal symptoms can be extremely challenging. For this reason, we advise that detox for synthetic drugs takes place in a secure and stable recovery unit. At Brazos Recovery, clients are supervised by medical professionals and have a far better chance of overcoming withdrawal symptoms, making successful long-term recovery far more realistic.