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You deserve a fresh start in life. Brazos Recovery can help.

Drug addiction puts life on hold. Physical dependence on drugs impacts your career, friendships, relationships and life in general. The first step in recovery is detoxification, or detox. 

Your body is reliant on your drug of choice, and this dependence can lead to severe and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

At Brazos Recovery, we’re dedicated to helping you:

  • Detox in a safe environment
  • Cleanse your body of intoxicants
  • Discover underlying issues leading to addiction

Your first step to becoming clean is seeking help, and we offer drug detox near Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.

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What to Expect From Detox

Withdrawal is never comfortable. You’ve made a decision to go clean, and the hardest part is the detox period. You’ll be uncomfortable, but we’re here to help make you as comfortable as possible and provide the support necessary to overcome your addiction.

You can expect to experience:

  • Irritability
  • Psychological symptoms
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • More

Our team will help you detox from alcohol or drugs so that you can enter into our treatment program and finally put an end to your addiction. Staff members will make you feel comfortable through the entire detox period, which can last 72 hours or longer before you can go into the rehab portion of treatment.

Withdrawal depends on the reason for addiction and the substances that you’re taking.

However, we’ll provide you with the tools you need for a successful detox, including:

  • Medical supervision to ensure that no life-threatening issues become serious, and we can monitor your health the entire way.
  • Medication, designed to limit discomfort during withdrawal. However, medication must be specific to the addiction to provide the best relief possible.

Treatment can occur once your detox period is over or symptoms have fallen to a manageable level. During the treatment period, monitoring of symptoms will continue so that you can move along with your treatment plan.

Brazos Recovery is here to assist you by providing medical supervision and intervention during your detox period to ensure that your side effects are kept to a minimum.

7 Facts About Drug Withdrawal and Detoxication

If this is your first time entering rehab or you’ve had unsuccessful attempts at drug detox near Dallas in the past, you may have had expectations that may not align with the facts surrounding detox.

Some of the key things to know before entering drug rehab are:

You Must Detox Before Entering Rehab

Entering a treatment program before detoxing is a recipe for failure. In fact, you must detox before going to drug rehab. We ensure that before you or any of our patients go into rehab, they’re 100% free from all drugs and toxins.

We want your rehab to be a success.

Once you detox, we’ll then move you into the treatment program, which includes working with:

  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Treatment groups

Detoxification is just one small part of your recovery.

Detox is a Part of Recovery

Detoxification is your body’s attempt at trying to cope without the drug in your body. However, while the detox period is difficult and will need to be overcome by you, it’s just the first part of the process.

Detox is not all that you need to overcome addiction.

Breaking the cycle of drug addiction is a long-term process, but you’ll only need to detox once if you stay clean. Otherwise, every time you relapse and attempt to quit your addiction, you’ll need to go through detox again.

Detox can be difficult

If you think that detox is easy, you’ve never been through it before. Over time, your body begins to crave the drug that you put in your body, and dependency on this drug will occur. Your body’s entire hormonal system may change with long-term substance abuse.

In fact, your body gets so accustomed to the substance that you may experience a wide range of withdrawal symptoms, including:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Nausea

Withdrawal is an experience that you’ll never forget, but our medical professionals can help. The right medication can help you cope with withdrawal so that you can get through the worst of it with a bit of help.

Your Detoxification Period is Not Set in Stone

Your friend may have gone through detox, and it may have been done in two to three days. However, every person is different. You may be in detox for just a few days, or you may need a week or longer before the symptoms subside.

We don’t know how long it will take for you to detox properly.

However, we do know that our team will be by your side through the entire detox to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible.

Tolerance Decreases After Detoxing

In the ideal world, you’ll go through detox once and remain clean for as long as you can. If you detox and relapse, your tolerance will decrease and may make it even more difficult to stop in the future.

Complete Detox May Take Multiple Attempts

Detox seems easy until you’re the one going through it. Unfortunately, many people will not succeed on their first detox. If you want to recover from your addiction, you’ll need to go through detoxification each time that you relapse.

Medical Supervision is Required

Finally, detox can be intense and unpredictable. When you enter our facility, we’ll ensure that you have the medical supervision necessary to remain safe all throughout your detox. Supervision is one of the best ways to manage your withdrawal symptoms and greatly reduces the initial risk of relapsing.

Are you seeking drug detox near Dallas and need a team that has a proven track record of success in helping people just like you overcome addiction?

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FAQ for Drug Detox in Dallas

1. What is drug detox? Drug detox is the process of allowing the body to remove the drugs in it. The purpose of detox is to safely manage withdrawal symptoms when someone stops taking drugs or alcohol.

2. Are there different types of drug detox programs in Dallas? Yes, Dallas offers various types of detox programs, including inpatient detox, outpatient detox, medical detox, and natural detox. The choice of program depends on the individual’s specific needs and the severity of their addiction.

3. How long does drug detox typically last? The duration of detox varies depending on the substance used and the individual’s physical and mental health. Generally, detox can last from a few days to a few weeks.

4. Is drug detox safe? Detox can be safe when conducted under medical supervision. Attempting to detox without professional guidance can be dangerous due to the potential for severe withdrawal symptoms.

5. What are common withdrawal symptoms during detox? Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe and may include anxiety, sweating, tremors, nausea, insomnia, headaches, and in some cases, seizures or hallucinations.