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Family Day

We understand the importance of staying connected and up to date on the progress of your loved one’s treatment with us. We also know how vital it is for our residents’ mental well-being to have contact with their loved ones, which is why we always have and always will, keep communication open with all our residents’ families.

Intensive Family Day

As well as regular updates by phone, every six weeks, we host an Intensive Family Day when residents’ family members are invited to spend the day at our facility. This is an excellent opportunity for residents to show their loved ones how far they have come on their journey, what they have learned and give an insight into their recovery.

Healing for the Whole Family

Every family is different, but we believe all families have one thing in common – structural organization. We all have a part to play within our families, and our actions can and do affect them. Have you ever noticed how we act and react with one another and the outside world? For example, an overprotective mother may cause a father to be more laid back.

Think of these behaviors as the unwritten rules within your family; they create a sense of routine and familiarity that we naturally look for as human beings, and an equilibrium (no matter how hectic our family lives can get). For the most part, we know what we can expect from our family members, thanks to this organization. However, things can become unbalanced when there is a change a member of the family, and can even bring change to the family as a whole.

When one member of the family is struggling with something like addiction that negatively affects their behavior and role within the family unit, it can bring great stress and disruption to the whole family dynamic. An addict under the influence of drugs or alcohol is likely to behave irresponsibility, erratically and sometimes dangerously. This imbalance places stress on the other family members, leading to feelings of anger, frustration and pain – and without the right support can create long-lasting damage.

We believe that everyone affected by addiction is deserving of healing and recovery, which is why we implement Family Day. For some family members, the concepts of addiction and recovery are totally alien, so we invite everyone to join us as we shed light on these areas.

Tour of the Facility

Visits usually start with a tour of the facility. Our residents love to show their families where they are spending their time during their treatment with us, and it gives many family members peace of mind to be able to see exactly where their loved ones are recovering. We also find it often gives residents a sense of pride to be able to show the steps they are taking to get better.

The Cycle of Addiction

It is natural for us as human beings to want to have facts in front of us. It helps us rationalize events or actions. We believe this is the case with many family members who want to understand addiction and how it affects their loved ones. In this segment of the day, we explain the cycle of addiction and how it manifests through five stages:

  • abuse
  • tolerance
  • dependence
  • addiction
  • relapse

We talk about each stage and how it connects to the next, allowing time for questions and answers.

The Importance of the 12 Step Program

Much like the cycle of addiction, some family members may not understand the treatment their loved one is receiving, or even what the 12 Step Program is. We spend time discussing the 12 Steps and how they have changed our lives, then go into detail about each of the Steps, how they are changing the lives of our residents, and explain their importance as the anchor in our residents recovery.

What Does Recovery Look Like After Treatment?

It can be daunting to think about life after treatment, and many family members will have questions regarding what happens next, so we spend a considerable portion of Family Day looking at what recovery might look like outside of Brazos Recovery.

Continuing to live out the 12 Steps is crucial to all recovering addicts. This is something our residents understand, and it’s important to ensure family members are aware of this too. To move forward after treatment, family members must accept and encourage the change their loved one displays, and move on from the past.

It can be overwhelming for family members to see their loved one go through and come out of treatment – especially when the change is so positive. We discuss how adjustments can be made to each individual’s home, work, and family life and look at potential solutions to any questions or concerns that may arise.

Find Out More

Throughout Family Day, there is always the opportunity for family members and loved ones to ask questions. Our staff are here to help and ensure you get the most out of the day, as well as enjoy time spent with your loved one.

For more information and to find out when we are hosting our next Family Day, please contact our admissions specialists.