Frequently Asked Questions - Brazos Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Brazos Recovery?

Our treatment center is located in Morgan, Texas.

How close are you to the nearest city?

Brazos Recovery is located approximately 90 miles southwest of the D/FW metroplex and 140 miles northwest of Austin.

Where is the nearest airport?

Although the center was intentionally built in the country, we are a short drive to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which is where the majority of our clients are picked up and brought on to our facility. We also pick-up clients from Dallas Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX.

What are the requirements to be accepted for treatment?

We are a male-only rehabilitation center, and we accept all clients who are willing to participate in our 12 Step Completion Program. We are accountable to the 12 Traditions, as established by Bill Wilson in the 1950s. As per the third tradition, a willingness to abstain from drugs and alcohol is the only requirement (other than being male).

Why is Brazos Recovery for men only?

Gender-specific rehabilitation has become a best practice model when treating both men and women who are struggling with addiction. We adhere to this type of model to ensure our clients can recover in a distraction-free environment. It is common for men and women to default into a relationship early on in recovery, but this can often detract from proper recovery – and we have witnessed the negative consequences of this natural human tendency.

Our clients’ welfare is our number one priority, and we always have their best interests at heart. Throughout successful treatment, we delight in seeing our residents develop their independence as individuals through following the 12 Step Completion Program, and progress is easier without the distraction of a potential relationship with a fellow resident.

There is no quick fix or easy road to recovery; we strongly believe it is an ongoing journey and a long process. As recovered alcohol and drug addicts ourselves, we know that effective treatment takes time. We want to ensure every resident who walks through our doors receives the very best care, and this means ensuring that they are 100% ready to leave the center when they have finished treatment.

Statistics show that the longer an addict is engaged in the recovery process, the better his chances are for long-term sobriety, which is why we designed our center for long-term treatment.

Initial stages of treatment involve a detox for clients. Detoxing can be a dangerous period for some addicts, so we closely monitor them to ensure they are safe at all times. The time frame for recovery is unpredictable, so to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients, we never rush this process.

How are you different from other treatment centers?

At Brazos Recovery, we offer a long-term, 12 Step Completion Program based treatment. As recovered addicts and alcoholics ourselves, we are well-positioned to share our experience with residents and help them on their road to recovery.

Our program – specifically designed to guide clients through the 12 Steps – offers practical ways on how to live out these steps in sobriety, both during and after treatment. We are accountable to the 12 Traditions and often refer to these as part of our program.

In addition to our 12 Step Completion Program, we also offer an On-site Transitional Program for residents who have graduated from the treatment program but are not quite ready to merge back into society. This option allows clients to maintain a high level of accountability before they venture out into the world on their own. During this time, more independence is gained, and there is also an opportunity to mentor newcomers.

Are you a licensed treatment facility?

Yes – rest assured Brazos Recovery is a licensed substance abuse treatment facility. We are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services Regulatory Licensing Unit, and offer a credible and accountable service to our residents.

Are clients allowed visitations and phone calls?

We are passionate about ensuring our residents stay connected to their loved ones and families during their stay at with us. Every six weeks, we host what we call ‘Intensive Family Day’, when family members of clients are invited to spend the day with us at the facility.

Family day allows family members to find out more about the treatment program their loved one is following, gain a better understanding of the 12 Steps, and also have the chance to spend quality time together.

At the same time, we implement a system in which clients can earn phone calls and family visits upon reaching specific levels of the 12 Step Completion Program.

For example, when a client reaches steps 5-12, they will gain access to weekly 10-minute phone calls to friends and family members. When clients are able to model daily application of all 12 Steps, they are granted weekly 2-hour campus visits from family members. How quickly clients earn these privileges depends entirely on how diligent they are at working the Steps. Having goals and rewards in place offers residents incentives to work hard for their recovery, ultimately enhancing their sense of achievement and chances of long-term sobriety.

What should the client bring with them to the treatment center?
While we provide the necessities like a room, shower facilities and food, we advise that clients pack the following items:

Around two weeks’ worth of clothing, including pyjamas, outerwear and accessories such as belts, hats and sunglasses.
Several kinds of shoes – during each client’s stay they will typically embark on hikes, outdoor sports and other activities.
Personal hygiene products such as deodorant, soap, shower gel and aftershave.
A prepaid debit or visa card, should the client wish to spend money while on any store trips during his stay.

When a client arrives at Brazos Recovery, we will provide him with the following items:

  • a pillow
  • bedding
  • towel
  • clothes hamper
  • backpack