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Day Treatment / Partial Hospitalization

Day Treatment or a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) usually follows more intensive forms of treatment like detoxification or a residential program, as a step towards increased personal responsibility and independence.

At this point, the client will have experience of a more structured routine and day treatment appointments are an excellent way to practice maintaining a productive lifestyle, drug and alcohol-free.

While the one-to-one and group therapy sessions will continue, there will be an added emphasis on forming support structures outside of the facility and building a sense of self-sufficiency. This is not something that should be rushed, which is why it is essential to treat this stage of recovery as seriously as the first and go at a steady, gradual pace.

It is important to recognize that challenges and triggers can still pop up unexpectedly in life. Planning responses ahead of time can help us be better prepared when they arise, and we find our reactions change for the better. Engagement with Brazos for PHP sets a solid foundation from which clients can begin to move forward with confidence and care.

What Is Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization?

A PHP Treatment Program allows the client to either return to their home or supported living in the evening. The client will attend appointments at the treatment facility during the day, starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon. The client will remain working with their one-to-one therapist and continue with group therapy with others, and continuity in this regard is important. Relationships built on trust and reciprocated respect mean that the great work that has already been achieved can be built on and will continue.

Like all other types of treatment programs, it is impossible to define the exact amount of time that a person will stay engaged in this level of treatment. It is an inevitable truth that life can throw us curveballs from time to time, and it is important to practice patience and commitment to the process.

Brazos Recovery can offer the same level of flexibility that we offer our residential patients. A client could attend PHP appointments every day or gradually decrease the volume of appointments they attend. The core aim is always to meet the needs you or your loved one have, and to create a treatment plan that is realistic and sustainable, with an emphasis on health and well-being.

What happens in Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization?

If a person is considered suitable for PHP, following a thorough assessment of their current physical and psychological health, they will follow a treatment plan that is specifically designed to meet their needs. If a client was previously engaged in another treatment program with Brazos, such as a medically assisted detox, or residential program, their responsivity to this treatment will be taken into consideration, along with the type of addiction they have, and its seriousness or complexity.

A person who is suffering from addiction and starting a PHP will take part in the following:

Group therapy; a group of between 6 and 12 other individuals will share and support one another around their experiences, feelings, successes and challenges before and during recovery, helping one another come to terms with and overcome their addiction.
Individual therapy; a highly skilled and experienced Brazos therapist will work with you or your loved one to help uncover, address and heal the emotional issues that underpin addiction.

Well-being activities; activities that focus on centering and calming the mind such as yoga, art, craftwork, mindfulness, and meditation help create a balance between more structured methods of therapy like CBT.

Medical assistance; depending on the impact of drug abuse or a previous medical condition, you or your loved one will have scheduled appointments to treat and assess any physical ailments.

Planning for the future; to reduce the risk of relapse, it’s vital to have an attainable, balanced, and well-thought-through plan for the next steps in recovery once the PHP treatment plan is completed. This is especially important as relapse after a long period of abstinence can be fatal.
It is the client’s choice how they spend their evenings, though we recommend they make plans based on the self-care ideas they have discussed with their therapist. Following the treatment plan in a PHP can help an individual remain committed and motivated to continue in their recovery journey and maximize on their hard work.

Is Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization Right for Me?

If your addiction is in its primary stages and you and our addiction specialists do not consider intensive residential treatment suitable, then a day treatment program is the ideal way to maintain independence whilst learning methods to restructure your life, remove yourself from toxic relationships and introduce positive and rewarding activities, instead of using drugs and alcohol.

PHP is also the recommended next stage of treatment for clients moving from an assisted detoxification or residential treatment program. Many people find life to be overwhelming and unpredictable once they leave a treatment center, and without suitable continued care, they can find themselves returning to their substance of choice.

Moving from residential care to living independently in the evening can be a challenging time, and Brazos offers specialist accommodation, which can greatly improve the transition. Safe, secure, and comfortable living space is crucial for recovery and PHP and we do not have a set finish date; we go at your pace.

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