Evening Review - Brazos Recovery

At Evening Review, we pray and meditate on what the day has brought us, and how we have behaved and reacted to what has come our way, in an effort to improve our conscious connection with God as part of our 12 Step Completion Program.

It is important to note that we only pray for knowledge of His will for us and for Him to give us the power to carry this out. We must present ourselves to God and allow Him to intercede during each Evening Review.

Every evening we constructively look at our day in a group setting. By constructively, we mean we acknowledge where are and how we could improve on aspects of our day where required.

Here is an example of an Evening Review each client carries out:

1. Was I resentful? Where?
2. Was I selfish? Where?
3. Was I dishonest? Where?
4. Was I afraid? Where?
5. Do I owe anyone an apology? To who? For what?
6. Have I kept something to myself, which should be discussed with another person at once? What?
7. Was I kind (my actions) toward all?
8. Was I loving (my thoughts) toward all?
9. What could I have done better?
10. Was I thinking of myself most of the time?
11. Was I thinking of what I could do for others?
12. Was I thinking of what I could pack into the stream of life?

We answer each question openly and honestly, in order to offer a true reflection and genuinely connect with God. After we have completed our review, we ask God for his forgiveness for our shortcomings and ask Him what we can do better tomorrow.

Evening Review is a good time for us to unwind, reflect and let go of anything that has been bothering us during the day. We know we are imperfect human beings and that God is always listening. Many of our residents find that the very act of writing out their review is therapeutic and helpful in itself, even before they share with the group and delve into the spiritual side of seeking God’s forgiveness and guidance.

While for the most part, Evening Review is a solitary practice, we still find value in coming together as a group to share our thoughts and seek support in areas where we are struggling.

We believe Evening Review is something we must continue to use in our day-to-day lives. Carving out time to reflect and review on how we have behaved, thought and reacted throughout the day is helpful for all of us on our recovery journey.