Licensed Recovery Homes

Licensed recovery homes help many recovering addicts bridge the gap between life in treatment and life in the real world. Also known as sober living houses, halfway houses, and transitional housing, our licensed recovery home allows clients to continue on their journey in a safe, secure, alcohol and drug-free environment.

Studies have shown that sober living houses improve the outcome of residents’ recovery, and we have seen for ourselves that clients who adapt to life in a licensed recovery home are less likely to relapse. Here, they can start to turn the skills and knowledge they have gained through treatment at Brazos into real-life independence.

Ebby’s Place

The licensed recovery home we use is called Ebby’s Place. Located in Fort Worth, Ebby’s Place is a sober living environment and where many of our clients go after treatment.

Many people choose to go to Ebby’s Place because their home environment is not typically pro-recovery. This can look different for everybody – for some, they may be going back to an environment where alcohol plays a big part in social events, for others, their family members may not understand the depth in which the 12 Steps plays a role in life after treatment. Our licensed recovery home is just one option many of our residents choose when embarking on a new, independent life.

Ebby’s Place offers a safe environment for those who might find the transition back to the ‘real world’ initially challenging – and so presents another step on the road to long-term recovery. The residents here are serious about staying sober; they are active in the 12 Step community and are productive members of society through work, school, and Church. They are accountable to one another and offer a place for those wanting to start their new life of sobriety in a structured and safe environment.

How Will It Help Me?

Sober living at Ebby’s Place is beneficial for anyone who has completed their treatment at Brazos Recovery Services. There is a live-in manager who will help with any housing issues as and when they arise and, as expected, you will be living with others who are in recovery too. You will be surrounded by people who at a similar point to you and who want to support you and help you stay on the right track.

Many of the residents who stay at Ebby’s Place find it extremely beneficial ‘doing life’ with other recovering peers – the support is unparalleled, and there is a great sense of brotherhood that can be gained when everyone cooperates and respects one another. Of course, we encourage independence as much as possible, as this too is a vital part of adjusting to life after treatment.

You will learn how to adapt to real-life situations as a recovering addict with the help and support of your peers and live-in manager. Through day-to-day life with one another, you will discover new tools to help you achieve long term recovery through shared experiences.

Ebby’s Place is a safe, secure and sober environment in which many of our clients choose to stay during their Extended Care Program or Intensive Outpatient Program.

What Are the Requirements?

The requirements to join Ebby’s Place are the same as those of Brazos Recovery Services; you must be male, over 18, and willing to abstain from alcohol and drugs. You will be living with your peers and a professional member of staff, so we ask that you be respectful of those you are placed with at all times and remain clean and sober during your stay.

How Long Can I Stay For?

We firmly believe there is no time frame for recovery. We have witnessed the devastating results of clients leaving too soon and gently encourage all our residents to leave only when they are truly ready. For some, this may mean staying at Ebby’s Place for a year or longer, for others a few months may suffice. You can discuss with your peers – in casual or structured group settings – how and when you feel you may be ready to move on from life at Ebby’s Place. However long you stay with us, rest assured we are here to support you for as long as you need to ensure long-term recovery.

Why ‘Licensed’?

As with Brazos Recovery Services, Ebby’s Place is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services Regulatory Licensing Unit. We offer a credible and accountable service to our residents – your safety is paramount. By law, we are licensed, as we are offering a 24-hour residential, non-medical service for vulnerable adults. This ensures that you are protected during your stay, as certain standards of care must be met.