Meditation Groups - Brazos Recovery

“There’s only one place it’s possible to be happy, and it’s here, now.”

Meditation is an effective holistic practice that benefits millions worldwide. Here at Brazos Recovery, we host several meditation groups designed to help our residents on their journey to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Simply put; meditation is a means of transforming the mind, encouraging you to improve concentration, clarity, and emotional stability.

These are all things we encourage and promote as part of our 12 Step Completion Program, and within our meditation groups, we see the benefits reaped by many.

As with all our spiritual groups, meditation groups are open to all and accepting of everyone, regardless of background. We hope that you will feel welcome and at home here, as we seek to get to know one another, and ourselves, more deeply. From seasoned meditators to total novices, we invite you to join us and see for yourself how your mind can be transformed through meditation.

Why Meditation?

We believe meditation is the antidote to stress, which is something we all feel at times, but particularly those of us struggling with addiction. Before, during, and after episodes of alcohol or drug misuse, we can experience heightened levels of stress and anxiety.

We believe meditation is a fantastic way to manage our emotions, help us to think more clearly and rationally, and, ultimately, help prevent future relapses. Over the years, we have seen the profound effect regular meditation has on our clients.

Benefits of Meditation

We have all heard of runner’s high, but did you know there is such a thing as meditator’s high? As with exercise, meditation produces endorphins in the body, a natural brain chemical that makes us feel happy.

Regular meditation practice gives a “natural high”, and results in feelings of relaxation and calm, without the need for alcohol, drugs, or any other addictive substance.

Meditation is simple, and its results are profound. Once mastered, it is an incredibly powerful tool. It encourages our brain to behave in a certain way, so instead of suppressing our urges (which often lead to overwhelming and relapse), we can learn to observe our thoughts and feelings, and cravings in a neutral, detached way.

With both physical and mental benefits, residents can hope to see:

  • a reduction in blood pressure
  • improvement of the immune system
  • pain relief
  • improved stress management
  • a reduced chance of developing depression

Types of Meditation

We believe there is no right or wrong way to meditate, though a common misconception is that one must sit in the lotus position to achieve a meditative state correctly. While this is one way of meditating (known as Zen meditation), there are other ways in which we can approach this practice – it is different for everyone, and we are here to help find the right method for you.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is a traditional type of meditation that incorporates the repetitive chanting or thinking of a mantra, syllable or word to guide our focus and attention on achieving a thoughtless state. Whatever is chanted often has no meaning, which helps to focus on the meditation, rather than what is being said.

Mindful Meditation

This type of meditation can be practiced in a silent, seated way, or through day-to-day activities, making it a flexible and appealing choice for lots of people. The essence of mindfulness is paying closer attention to the here and now, what we have in front of us, and letting go of both the past and future – because all we have is this moment.

You can start this practice with something small, like brushing your teeth. It is easy for our minds to wander to other things when carrying out these day-to-day activities. Focusing on every minor step of this ritual – from unscrewing the cap of the toothpaste to the cleaning of each tooth – brings us back to the present moment.

Guided Meditation

Typically, the most popular at Brazos Recovery is our guided meditation, led by an experienced practitioner who might use imagery to guide the group to a meditative state. We invite you to set intentions within your practice to help achieve serenity and peace of mind.

We learn how to meditate through regular practice – and it’s one that many recovering and recovered addicts utilize daily through our meditation groups.

Learn how to meditate in one of our meditation groups, and you can begin to incorporate this universally accessible practice into your life at any time, any place. It’s a powerful tool to help heal your mind, body, and soul and is readily available to everyone, wherever we are – what could be better?