12 Step Completion Program

Alcoholism and Addiction are a chronic disease. We are in NO WAY suggesting that once the 12 steps are completed that you are DONE. We believe that recovery is a lifestyle where a set of Spiritual principles that MUST be practiced daily if we are to remain sober.

Suffering Alcoholic/Addict

Our cumulative experience in the recovery community has inspired our vision for Brazos Recovery Services. As recovered alcoholics and drug addicts, we understand your pain and frustration, as we have been down the same dark and twisted road. We have been to countless doctors, psychiatrists, treatment centers, detox centers, hospitals, psych wards, and even jail or prison. We lost so much: kids, loved ones, dignity, hope, freedom and quite often lost our mental and emotional stability. We tried for years to manage our drinking or drug use the best we could. Managing the consequences, promising our loved ones that we would not use or drink again, hoping that somehow someday we would actually be able to pull it off to successfully face life and still be able to drink or use like other people. Just when we thought we had it all figured out and the stars were lined up in our favor, we found ourselves drunk or high again. We continued to do this over and over. It was enough to drive anyone to the point of mental collapse.

After years of struggling in this same experience, we at Brazos Recovery Services have recovered from that horrific mental obsession that had been killing us. It is our great hope that you have come to this website with the gift of desperation; the point where you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve permanent freedom from your drinking and drug use. At Brazos Recovery Services, we have found a way out and are willing to jump into that dark hole with you, to help you out. There IS A WAY OUT!

Our common problem – the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction – has been transformed into our greatest asset. We have been given a new way of life that really works. It’s our own unique experience with this transforming solution that we are here to teach and help you put into practice. To show others the exact method to find freedom from addiction and alcoholism is our only aim.

If you have been to countless meetings, tried different methods of “acting right”, and found no matter how much you exert yourself, it’s only a matter of time before you suffer another relapse – we can help. We have been there too, the humility of asking for help, the defeat of another run, knowing that drugs and alcohol are the problem but still that the thought crosses your mind, “this time it will be different”, or “I have too much to lose, I won’t go too far this time”, or “screw it, I’ll try again later”, or “I’ve tried before, what’s the use?”

Brazos Recovery Services offers an approach to recovery that works. If you are seeking a permanent solution for your life, free from drugs and alcohol, WE CAN HELP