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Spiritual Promises

Spiritual Promises is a group that focuses on the 12 Promises – 12 things we can all look forward to on our journey in recovery.

This group is particularly helpful for new residents who may be struggling with adapting and finding hope for the future. The good news is there is hope – and at Brazos Recovery, we are here to journey together and reach our full potential by focusing on these promises.


What Are the 12 Spiritual Promises?

If we persevere and are serious about this phase of our development – the 12 Steps – we will be amazed by our progress before we are even halfway through. Those who put the effort in and want to see a change will undoubtedly yield better results, and often before they are even half finished with the program.

These are the 12 Spiritual Promises:

  1. We will find and know a new freedom and a new happiness. Upon completion of the 12 Step Program, you will feel relief from the constraints of addiction and be able to live your life confidently and happily without alcohol or drugs.
  2. We will not regret the past, nor do we wish to shut the door on it. A considerable part of the journey at Brazos Recovery is accepting our past, learning from our mistakes and making positive changes in the future without any guilt.
  3. We will comprehend the word serenity, and we will know peace. Knowing that we will reach this point is a wonderful concept, especially when so many of us are under the control of addiction, which can cause immense inner turmoil. Isn’t it exciting to know that during this process you will find calmness in your life– potentially one you have never known before?
  4. No matter how badly we’ve messed up, we will see how our experience can help others. Many residents come to us believing no one will understand what they have been through, but in this group, we spend time getting to know our peers and understanding what kind of experiences they have had. It may be the first time some of our residents meet someone else who has endured a similar battle, and this can be comforting and beneficial for all involved.
  5. Feelings of uselessness and self-pity will disappear. It is hard to believe it when you are in the depths of despair, but these feelings are side effects of addiction, and they will pass. Addiction makes us feel worthless and guilty about our actions, but as we follow the 12 Step Completion Program and move away from addiction, the negative feelings that come with substance misuse will disappear too.
  6. We will become more interested in our peers. We know how addiction can turn us into selfish people, but when we come together to help each other through recovery, many residents develop a real interest in other people.
  7. We will become more selfless. Addiction causes us to be self-seeking and have tunnel vision, only focusing on ourselves. When we remove alcohol or drugs from the equation, we see a less selfish personality come to the fore, which is good news for everyone.
  8. Our whole attitude and outlook on life will change for the better. Moving from hopelessness to hope is a major step for all of our residents, and one we believe everyone can reach through commitment and determination. It is at this point that we can begin to imagine a new life – one free from alcohol and drugs – in which we are happy.
  9. Fear and economic insecurity leave us. When in the grip of addiction, we are constantly worried about where we will find the money to pay for our next fix, and how we will survive. This promise allows us to look forward to a time when we will no longer be fearful or insecure about how to support our addiction, simply because it will no longer be there.
  10. We will intuitively know how to handle situations that used to challenge us. As we go further into recovery and away from addiction, we are able to see situations more clearly. We can use the resources we have gained through the 12 Step Completion Program to deal with challenging situations that come our way.
  11. We will realize and accept that God is doing for us that which we cannot do for ourselves. Handing over our lives to God is incredibly empowering and allows our residents to let go of what they cannot control – and having Him as our ever-present guide is what keeps us on the straight and narrow.
  12. Spiritual Promises is a positive, forward-thinking group open to all our residents. Many find it to be a place of refuge where they can gain a more positive perspective, especially if they are having a bad day or are feeling particularly discouraged.

We refer back to each of the 12 Promises and spend time sharing what we are looking forward to, what we hope to leave behind and what we can do to help each other on our journeys.

Things We Look at in these Promises

  • feelings of freedom and happiness
  • the new and improved perspective we have on life
  • a renewed purpose or direction in life
  • accepting ourselves and others
  • improving selflessness
  • hope and faith
  • less fear and financial worry
  • redemption from past actions

Everyone experiences the 12 Promises at different times and in different ways – after all, we are all on our own personal journeys – so do not be disheartened if it takes you longer than you had hoped to feel a sense of freedom and happiness or diminish fear and financial worry.

There is no rush and no time frame on recovery – and we are here to embrace the process and help one another along.