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Why Do We Have Spiritual Groups?

At Brazos Recovery, we believe participation in spiritual groups is a key component in recovery. Steps 2 and 3 of the 12 Steps involve acknowledging and accepting that there is a Higher Power at work in our lives, and we believe in trusting in the God of our understanding to help restore our lives to normal and help us recover.

A great way of putting this into practice is by engaging in spiritual groups. Through showing up, nurturing contact with a Higher Power, and spending time with and being accountable to one another, we learn more about the importance of letting go of the ‘self’ and adopting a more mindful way of living, ultimately moving away from addiction.

Every individual is different with unique needs, and we host a variety of spiritual groups to accommodate each individual’s requirements. Even if you have never practiced any form of spirituality, we believe there is a group for you. You can rest assured there are many others in the same position as you, who are seeking the same answers that may not have been delivered in the right way before.

How Can Being Spiritual Help Me Recover?

You may be thinking, how can being spiritual help me recover from my alcohol or drug addiction? Human beings, by our very nature, are constantly searching for meaning in life, and we are all looking for purpose. Handing over our will, worries, and plans for our lives to a power greater than ourselves allow us to let go of some of the things controlling us and come to terms with things that have happened in our lives.

With our meditation practices and guidance, residents can spend time in solitude or with others and connect with their Higher Power. These groups aim to enhance our sense of being present, instead of focusing on the past or the future.

You may already be aware that accountability counts for a lot when it comes to recovery. When we adopt spiritual practices in our lives, it is no longer a case of ‘me, myself, and I’ and many of our residents find the accountability they have with their Higher Power helps them immensely on their journey.

Self-expression and self-acceptance can be found in all our spiritual groups. We offer safe spaces for everyone who comes to us, that are judgment-free. You will find the time and space to discover many things about yourself and your identity, and who you are, way beyond the addiction from which you may be suffering. We believe spiritual connection allows us to delve deeper into these areas, and it benefits our residents immensely.

Our Spiritual Groups

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