Peer Accountability

A highlight for the Brazos program is the intense brotherhood that is created in our intense, highly accountable environment. Every peer participates in group peer accountability five times per week where we learn how to confront in a healthy manner and how it is not much what we say that is important but the movement of our feet and the direction they move that counts. While this process can be intimidating at first, peers find this aspect of the program particularly helpful as it also helps groom each client for becoming solid sponsors in the near future.

Fire Circle

  • clients are provided direct feedback from their peers in a high accountability circle.

Steel on Steel

  • clients answer questions based on where they see themselves in their recovery program and they are provided considerations from their peers and staff.

They are given 24 hours to pray and meditate over the considerations they were given and present corrective measures to the group of what specifically they are going to do, that they can be held accountable for, to progress in their program of action.

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