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Wellbeing Activities

While a large portion of residents’ time is spent participating in peer accountability and structured group sessions, the need for downtime and well-being activities is equally important. Everyone needs time to relax and have fun, and at Brazos Recovery, our residents and staff are no different.

When we opened the center, we wanted it to be a place of refuge, recovery, and, ultimately, happiness. As part of our program, we offer a range of well-being activities, all of which are designed to promote good physical and mental health to our residents.

Benefits of Well-being Activities

By joining the 12 Step Completion Program at Brazos Recovery, you will have already made the commitment to give up alcohol or drugs. While we understand how difficult this can be, we want to reassure you that there is enjoyment to be found in sobriety – and there is life beyond addiction.

When you begin your journey in recovery, you will no longer have the option to use drugs or alcohol – and for many, this will have been the only source of fun or relaxation in the past. Our well-being activities aim to offer an introduction to what it feels like to have fun without alcohol or drugs.

We believe that all residents can gain from taking part in any one of our extracurricular activities, and we have seen the benefits for ourselves, as have our residents, both past and present.

While it may feel strange at first, with perseverance, many residents discover this new source of happiness and go on to pursue new hobbies they might never have considered before.

Why Well-being Activities?

When our bodies and minds are healthy and strong, we are less likely to be attracted back to a life of alcohol or drugs. By implementing well-being activities into our daily lives, we make a conscious choice to improve ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically, and we believe this is an essential part of recovery.

Participating in group activities encourages our residents to become more aware of other people’s needs as well. When we are struggling with addiction, we are wholly absorbed in ourselves, our problems, and our internal struggles. When we purposely put ourselves in situations and environments that may require teamwork, we are forced to think of others’ needs as well as our own, which helps us to implement a more selfless attitude.

This is a powerful tool for clients going back to their daily lives after their stay with us; as it helps them to build and navigate new relationships, potentially mend old ones, and can even equip them for work as well.

We introduce clients to new ways of unwinding and encourage them to try different activities to explore what they might like to pursue when they eventually leave us. Well-being activities are an extremely beneficial aspect of recovery, offering each resident a healthy and therapeutic outlet and in some cases, presenting the chance to learn a new skill.

What We Offer

At Brazos Recovery, we offer something for everyone who walks through our doors:


We take groups of residents on camping trips, which many enjoy as a ‘mini-retreat’. We don’t do camping by halves, so be prepared for the full camping experience. We carry all our own equipment, put up our own tents, make the fire, cook our own food, and everyone gets involved, which creates a wonderful community spirit as well as the opportunity to learn lots of new skills.

Survival tactics are put to good use – we are in the wild, after all – and this offers residents the chance to prove to themselves that they can tackle new challenges when faced with obstacles in their day-to-day lives.

What many of our residents love about this particular activity is the sense of freedom it offers; being at one with nature. Camping also allows us to strengthen and build on our relationships with one another without distraction – we have more in-depth conversations, speak more freely and learn more about one another in a more relaxed environment.


Many of our residents enjoy the peace that fishing offers as well as the reward of a good catch!

You might not think it, but quiet is one of the great benefits of fishing. As we sit in silence, we are required to be still and wait. This presents an opportunity for our residents to pray, meditate and find clarity of mind. Many people feel calm by merely being by the water, which is an excellent reliever of stress and anxiety on its own.

Fishing also teaches incredible self-resilience and patience, skills we can all benefit from in general.


Beneficial for both physical and mental health, hiking is an activity many of our residents choose when they join us. Getting outdoors and exploring nature can help shift our perspectives and provide clarity of mind. The very act of walking gives our bodies something to do and our minds something to focus on, which is hugely beneficial when we are struggling with our mental health.

Hiking improves our cardiovascular fitness and core strength, and many of our residents find it to be a great stress reliever. We offer hikes for all abilities so that everyone can reap the benefits and enjoy the great outdoors.

Find Out More

Our well-being activities offer an insight into life after addiction in a safe and welcoming environment, and these are just a few of the activities we offer, as well as many other off-campus therapeutic excursions.

As each individual embarks on the 12 Step Completion Program, the fog of addiction is lifted, and the path to enjoying a life of sobriety becomes clear.

If you would like to find out more about the well-being activities we offer as part of our recovery programs, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.